About Me

First off...let's make this fun!! :)

Secondly...let's do what we can to get the best results possible! This means:
- I won't be late, cancel or flake out on you and would love the same in return. :)
- The creative process is as fun as shooting so your input is welcome (I do this for 'us' not 'me').
- I'm a hard worker after the shoot and you won't have a problem getting your photos.

I've many years experience shooting weddings full time and have many accomplishments including features in national publications and contracts for global assignments. Although, the experiences are new every time, the techniques of shooting weddings are now second nature. It's come time to push myself with new styles and subjects. Enter fashion and individual portrait photography.


Great experiences from the following MODELS:

Sarah Willey - MM #774339

Morgan Mariee - MM #1810335

Shanel Rodermen - MM #1857466

Andie Kay - MM #1806874

Molly Elaine K - MM #1905340

Miss Bethanie - MM #1579267

Kerilyn Haney - MM #1331242

Tara Shea - MM #2252288

Kaylynn Youngers - MM #1492698

Stella Moon - MM #2220915