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~~Music and photography are the creative balance in my life and I'm interested only in models that share this joy of creativity.

Hello, I'm Roberto Gallozzi, Bob for friends. Reinassance man some precious inches over the flat reality, reliable, in shape, dealing with external relations, firing hitting the target, swimming, photographing and publishing models, entertaining singing at the piano and organ. After long time abroad, I live in villa in an italian countryside described by Lonely Planet as the least known and most beautiful in the world, half an hour drive from chaotic, charming Rome, ''The Great Beauty''.
Music is in my blood and I always play music. At the piano, organ and keyboards, I play blues, american standards, latin rhythms, pop, rock, singing, composing. I never missed an opportunity to play, composing and singing. I also wrote songs that play only in special moments. I'm a music addicted!
I’m a freelance female photographer published in various countries. Although I love the images constructed of Hoyningen-Huene, Horst, Sachs, Clarke and Helmut Newton, who I also met personally, my photographic point of view remains decadent and personal, as when I play piano, sing or compose. Added post-production and digital switchover aside, my photographic technique in essence is not changed. Like yesterday I photographed my girls with the sunlight and outdoor lamps with continuous light in the studio, today are progressed by replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones. My favorite model is a normal any size woman with a sense of adventure, who likes to pose showing her exhibitionist side. I'm constantly looking for female people who wants to live in nudity in front of the lens for ongoing art projects and may become a gallery show, a book, or more. Normally, in payment for the time of the pose, the model receive some of the best processed photos, I can also accommodate and reimburse travel expenses. If required, I may also offer exposure. I love the more challenging side of photography and am always looking for enthusiastic models to work with. Female people even without modeling experience are welcome. If would you like me to take your photos, feel free to write me.
If you're the right model for my photo projects, I could offer you:
1) Ten selected post-produced Jpeg images;
2) Reimbursement for low cost flight ticket;
3) Accommodation and food for the days of the shooting;
4) Free online exposure with interviews, helping to find work;
5) A published (Tear Sheet), where if the opportunity arises.
(Mandatory to sign the model release before).





PUBLISHED: "Glamour Postcards" (Espana 1995/1999); "Rock Island" (Espana 1998); "Las Gatas" (Espana 1998); "Principe" (Espana 2000); "Dea" (Italia 2001/2002); "Fame" (Italia 2000); "Nu" (Trentini Editore – Pubblicati/Cover 2000); "Modeling Billboards" (U.S.A. 2000/2002); "Stock Photography/Franca Speranza" (Italia 2002); "Red Rose" (U.S.A. 2000); "Black & White" (U.S.A. 2001); "KeyGallery" (Italia 2002); "Roma Life" (Pubblicati/Cover 2003/2010); "Glamour Calendars" (U.S.A. 1995/2012); "Wild Beauties" (U.S.A. 2004/2012); "Icons" (U.S.A. 2012); "Rouge et Noir" (U.S.A. 2012); "The Best of International Nudes Photography III" (Feierabend Unique Books - Berlin/Germany).


10 Aug 14 16:30
Nice work!
02 Nov 10 14:00
Beautiful work
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