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I have photographed portraits on and off for more than 20 years. I once worked for Foto Studio Expressions in St George Utah before pursuing a career in the semiconductor industry. I love working with people, and I have always been drawn to photographing portraits. Over the last 10 years portrait photography has changed a great deal as the standard media shifted from film to digital. I love working in both mediums, and I find the knowledge and experience of working with the old film processes to be invaluable when using digital media.

I have been involved with photography since I was very young, almost as long as I can remember. My experiences in photography have covered many areas including Journalism, Art, Photo History, Hobbyist, Professional, and Tourist. I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Emphasis in Art Photography. I have always been drawn to art and the use of photography as a means to express my own views and perspective. The attached gallery is a sample of my photography.