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East European - South American / Altista - Father of two / Passionist, Photographer and Producer. Immigrant, United States by choice making the place now my home. I'm Lucky because, I play with great toys, I'm around gorgeous people, I use my hands and dream, all this makes my living...

Thanks for stop by and please leave comments about what you like and what you don't. Photographers: if you don't liked you better be good to great near the best... Makeup Artist: I know! you always do the best and with the time restriction, I'm just clicking and yes I know I need a good couple of artist please leave me contact info I'm looking to make a good team. Digital Artist: Yes! come to me, I do need you! Advertising Agencies: please, accept my calls, let me seat with you and show other stuff not presented here, Art Buyers: Big Fan, Big Fan! Galleries: Thank You! please take me to Art Basel. Clients: You are correct and it is truth! that is a great idea! let me make it happen, quick and best. Models: you are the one!


Some walls in some museums, some pages in magazines, some screens in some countries, some TVs in some houses, my mom's living room and my in laws kitchen, grandma still don't get it and always ask "que es lo que tu haces? tomar fotos? y te pagan? para que?" (what you do? take pictures? and you get paid for it? what reason?)

And the most important:
Here Modelmayhem.

I am OK.


18 Sep 14 12:48
You’re invite to be part of the FB group of: New York Photographic Equipment: Buy & Sell www.facebook.com/groups/358579300963687
28 Jun 14 17:08
Fabulous work!
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