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Thanks for checking out my profile / portfolio! I'm a proudly Chicago based photographer. During these past several years, I've had the honor of photographing some very beautiful area women, and I do hope I've treated all of them very well both during and after our shoots, and I'm certainly grateful for their assistance in my work.

Over the years, I've tried to always capture some aspect of the models that I shoot and to accentuate it, creating something of a story. If nothing else, I try really hard to create visually interesting shots. The colors pop, in bw / monochrome shots the contrast is sharp, etc.

At this point, I'd like to move on to do some truly commercial photography. I do have access to a very nice well equipped studio and I am equipped nicely to do location work. But I do like photographing people and I enjoy the artistic and storytelling aspects of this craft. So I'll always enjoy photographing people, over, say, potatoes, even if photographing potatoes or tomato soup cans may make me more money.

In any case, enjoy the port!


Asia MM#727541
Braylon Dean MM# 693728
Calico High MM#1000153
Chloe Six MM#1347291
Diamond MM#1928262
Elle Ferrera MM# 905411
Gayle MM# 18151
Gypsy Jo MM#1175253
Melanie Foldenauer MM#630953
Michelle Sarich
Missy Rhodes MM#1182440
RedRose MM#1070238
Sabrina Carmichael MM# 233097
Yulianna MM# 4623

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