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I’m a freelance photographer, my photography art possesses a distinctly nostalgic quality that I find so natural and beautiful. Working with others can bring so many new ideas. What's so great about photography, it can be collaborative or completely personal.

Capturing the absolute perfection of the ethereal beauty is the characteristic leading element in my work, accompanied by a linear and minimalistic visual, a pronounced accent on emotion and a conscious withdrawal from reality.

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My services, includes high-end retouch of images using the latest editing equipment and professional softwares in addition to digital makeup.

I don't do TF anymore, if I contact you, then I am intreatsed. If I do TF*, typical post-edited, retouched work will include release of five (5) selected images.

I'll require a signed model's and liblility release before any shoot. I have "no escort" policy but if your going to bring an escort, bring one that likes to hold a reflector.



19 Jul 11 07:15
Perfect Port....Maybe we can work together...;)
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