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I have been doing allot of stuff over last couple of years, like drawing, painting, photographing and Photoshop. But each time i tried something new, i always ended up in Photoshop again.
I have been doing retouching and a bit om manipulating for some time now, but only in free time. I think i was time to take it to the next step, and help some people with there picture, and maybe even make some money in the process. but as a beginning, i will just see what people think i my work and do some stuff for people.

well, that just leaves me to tell what im doing here on MM. Well i hope i can find other people to exchange experience with, and people who will let me do something to there pictures. And well just to get some connections.

by the way, sorry for the bad english, and please leave me a comment :P



10 Apr 11 13:09
Welcome to iStudio.
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