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About Me

Godwell A. Chan is an experienced photographer in a wide range of photography including models, children portraits, weddings, music events, music albums cover photography, book cover photography, nature, food & restaurants, etc. His goal in Portrait Photography is to focus on facial expressions which provide windows to the soul. He likes to shoot on location rather than in studio, and he prefers natural lighting rather than flash and other electronic lighting. You may contact him by email: godwellontheloose@gmail.com. For samples of his work, please visit godwellontheloose.com.

"Studio presentations almost universally have a generic, formulaic, sometimes even parochial, feel to them. Instead, I want every picture to tell a story, or stimulate the viewers' imagination to create one, or invite the viewers to at least ask questions: Where was the place? What was she thinking? Is she melancholic, contemplative, or just enjoying a moment of tranquility? Etc., etc. Therefore, let's create art together!"

***TFCD limited only to ideas/concepts that will bestir from ennui.



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