About Me

I'm an artist. Sort of. At least, I like to think of myself as one.

As an artist, I deal with words and images. I'm a blogger, wishing to become a book writer, and an amateur photographer, willing to become pro.

My main blog is about a universal feeling, Love, that is; One of my ambitions is to have a great number of active readers of this blog and some others of mine. I'd like to get your support on this goal of mine, if you could help me.

On the other ambition I'd like to accomplish, the one of becoming a pro photographer, I'd appreciate once more to get the support of any male or female models who are in this site. If I'll ever achieve any artistic glory, you will be able to state that you share it with a perhaps well deserving creative being, me. Because once upon a time you were my model in a photo session. Let's dream of it together, shall we?

After all this said, if you're a photographer or model and you might be planning to travel to western Europe, mainly Portugal and Spain, please consider to contact me and we will do art together.

Lately, I've became quite a lot involved in acting for tv series and movies.

For further info about me, please visit my blog or facebook pages.
blog: http://giuseppepietriniapresidente.blogspot.com
facebook: http://facebook.com/giuseppe.pietrini



20 Jan 11 10:10
Hi & Welcome. ;0) Pietro
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