Lynda Joy
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Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Eye Color:Green
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Some Experience
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
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About Me

I'm am a writer, a thinker, and a theoretician. I thrive on my explorations of myself (philosophy/cognitive psychology), qualities composing this overture of existence (physics), and those minds that make it up now (psychology/sociology) and have influenced it before (history/sociology). I am working towards creating a theory on how the mind works on both an individualistic and a humanistic level (specific and in the gestalt, relative and universal).
One of my favorite quotes on photography and modeling is that off the 18th century daguerreotpist (operator) Johann Kasper Lavater. Lavater states that the main goal of photographer should be to explore "...the interior of Man by his exterior -- of perceiving by certain natural signs, what does not immediately attract the senses."
I model as a mechanism of self-exploration and to delve into and change the range within which body can express itself.

Here are some projects that I am conceptualizing and that I need a photographer for (contact me if you're interested):

Pinup Glamor Beach Project: I recently purchased the sexiest and most gorgeous push-up red bikini and I am extremely eager to get out on a beach and wear it with some red lipstick and flowers in my hair for very colorful and eye-popping photoshoot. Let's do this while it's still warm out!

Contact Improvization Project: I love to dance. I'm especially interested in modern dance. I would love to do a photoshoot with other models where we work with contact improvization, which is basically using the other person's body creatively to expand the movements of your own body. I would also be more than happy to do a dancing photoshoot on my own.

Mirror Project: I'm addicted to mirrors and the properties of mirrors. I want to do something in darkness with four mirrors positioned in a diamond shape and tilted outwards with a light above and my body in the center. Kind of an Alice and Wonderland "trapped in the mirrors" type of thing, but I would like to focus actually on individual body parts rather than the whole body. I believe that hands in themselves speak words, and I would experiment with just putting my hands in the middle of the mirrors first, and then maybe my head or my feet.
I will add more ideas for projects as I come up with more and more. I don't know if this really makes any sense. Contact me for more info.

Written Words Project: The Chinese write poetry on their lover's body after having sex. I'm a writer, and I love words. I would love to do a shot with writing all over my body, but with pictures of individual limbs. One idea that has always interested me is writing (in very small letters) a word on the eyelid where eyeliner would usually go, and then doing a shot with closed eyes that would read out a very powerful message (I'll have to think about what I would want this message to be).

Fields of Gold Project: I want to do a photoshoot in fields at either sunrise or sunset that involve a very "fairy" like, but classic feel. I feel that a wardrobe of white lace would be most appropriate for this type of shoot, and I can definitely provide those outfits. Pictures with flowers and laying in grass would be optimal. I really like images that have a dream-like and cinematic quality.


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16 Jul 11 16:13
Welcome to iStudio. Really wish you lived locally so we could shoot.
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