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Hello! My name is Callie Riesling. I am a young photographer in the Colorado Springs area, however I do shoot a lot in Denver. I photograph everything from small newborns to weddings and models to sports tournaments. I take my job VERY seriously, but I have a very bubbly and fun personality. I love crazy, interesting locations and poses. I go out of my way to get the shot, often my pose is crazier than the models! I will lay in mud, stand in a pond, or even lay down in the middle of a road to get the right angle. My MM, doesn't really have much of my work on it, so please check out my website!
You can also find my page on facebook : Callie Riesling Photography.
You can read more about me and see more of my photos. :)
Thanks for your time!

*****TIME FOR PRINT/CD******
I see more and more models with the same exact portfolio, very senior portrait-like and well BORING. The reason these portfolios seem generic and uninspiring are because these models do not want to invest in their career. If you do TFP, you are probably going to end up with the same boring portraits as every other model. Ask yourself a question, Do You REALLY WANT to make it in this industry? If the answer is yes, hire me. I offer creative, out of the box images, as well as pose and facial coaching the whole session. Do you want to set yourself apart from everyone else? There are a million beautiful people in this world, but it comes down to your portfolio. Shoot with me and get images that scream at agencies, photographers and designers. Shoot TFP and I guarantee your portfolio will not inspire to hire.
Invest in your career and recieve the rewards. Invest and in return you will get noticed and hired. If you want paid shots, you need to stand out and I am the photographer that will make you pop off the page!

Please Note that ** I will NOT work with rude or disrespectful people. I do not care how good your work is, I will not tolerate disrespect towards me or my assistants. If I feel at all harassed, at the shoot, on MM or anyother time, I have the right to end communications with you and not finish our shoot/conversation. I am a young girl and I do need to protect myself as many of you models/artists do as well. I always shoot with an assistant, for my protection and to also assist me with the shoot.



18 Jul 11 21:08
Nice wok, Callie!
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