About Me

Currently shooting for my first book, contact me if you are interested in my work and what I can do for you. Daniel Hebert represents a STYLE of shooting that is free from all the fancy tricks and computer generated hype. My philosophy is that if something is beautiful enough to be worth stopping to shoot, then shoot it the way it is, not "fixing" it to make it better. I am not a subscriber to the "I'll fix it later in Photoshop" theory of photography. As a former hard news photographer I shoot fast and get it right the first time! There is no other time.
Currently, I am interested in the more unusual, male or female. E-mail or MSN me and we can see if you have what I am looking for! I ALWAYS shoot or have available a female assistant for the safety of everyone involved.


Olivia Nixx #1076579
Sarah Wood #1074988
Nicole Jocasta #106702
Lois Sarah #1059462