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About Me

Over the past few years my focus has evolved to become an exploration of how we construct reality, and in particular how our perceptions construct our definition of self and others.

The camera has proved to be a powerful tool in this work, and among the most exciting moments have been those when my work has caused someone to see a different, more interesting person in an image of themselves.

One's perception of reality can be altered by a single image. I search for the vivid spirit of life in faces, passion and desire manifest in human forms.

I love the size of 4x5 cameras, and I love my friend Bruce for allowing me the opportunity to experience the exquisite slowness of composing and waiting with itching fingers to see what such an awesome camera creates.

I have found joy in creating a pinhole camera from a broken Polaroid land camera. I love the depth and brilliance of slide film. And although I fought the conversion to digital I now accept it and have learned to love it although I still have and use my 35mms and my pinhole camera!



Gassed Girls Calendar Book 2009

FW Publishing in SNAP Magazine Issue 2008 … ap008.html

Article in AEBN - Fetish Profile on MistressMayhem Studios in 2003
MistressMayhem Studios is a kinky divison of BlackLight Studios

Fetish Fair Fleamarket
New England Leather Alliance
January 26-28, 2007
Gallery Show Director
A three day event
A juried art show gallery exhibit and performance space.

Fetish Fair Fleamarket
New England Leather Alliance
January 25-27, 2006
Gallery Show Director
A three day event
A juried art show gallery exhibit and performance space.

Endorphin Art Show
The First Thursday of every month!
A once-a-month Fetish night at Axis,
Produced by
Boston, MA
This is an art show on the run.
Artists can bring and exhibit their Fetish art work during this evening of play and dancing in a club. I will be showing new work each month.

September 10 – October 8, 2005
29th Exhibit, Art Space@16
A digital photography show, juried by Toru Nakanishi
Malden, MA
The image Blue Hair was accepted in the juried show.

Fetish Fair Fleamarket
New England Leather Alliance
August 6, 2005
Gallery Show Director
A one day art show - theme Corsets
This small but fun show showed the work of two photographers including myself.

Erotic Art Gallery Show
April 2 - May 14, 2005
Blackstone River Gallery
GALLERY ONE- Solo Show by New York artist, Barbara Rachko
GALLERIES TWO & THREE - Group show featuring works by Coffee Bell, Ian Budish, Katherine Copenhaver, Monique Cousineau, Rhiannon Lee, Elise Mankes, Amber Morrison, Karen Talbot & Richard Triconi

A Slave to Art Gallery Show
December 17th - 19th 2004
Fetish Fair Fleamarket
New England Leather Alliance
Exhibited 9 photographs from my work with erotic and fetish subjects.
I also organized, managed and promoted the 2500 sq. ft mixed-media exhibition and performance space
at this event.

Roxbury Open Studios
October 2 & 3, 2004
BlackLight Studios
A collective art space.
Exhibited 7 photographs exploring texture and space. The subjects were the natural world and portraiture.

9. The faces.
September 2001
The Stebbins Gallery, Cambridge, MA.
Exhibited 9 photographs of portraits, masked and
Painted faces examining the faces behind the face.
Conceived, managed and promoted the exhibition for 9 photographers, including myself.