Steven David Branon
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About Me

I have always related to music and art on an intimate level.
I feel as if the way I expressed myself was always as the artistic, tattooed individual who played guitar and performed shows with a bunch of bands. That is, until I stumbled upon an old film camera in a thrifty estate sale store. I have always enjoyed photography--you know, the kid who was more interested in making the flash fire on a disposable camera than he was in taking a good photograph. But with that old camera, I became intoxicated with how I can make things look different with a camera, and it slowly became my job.

I do all my own retouching & editing

I DO NOT SHOOT NUDES, NOR WILL ANY OF MY ASSISTANTS OR STYLISTS AND MUA'S ASK YOU TO GET NAKED. (Unless you happen to be dating them and in your own home.)

I work In between
Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Seattle, WA & Grand Rapids, MI (currently here)

Find me On Tumblr 'Steven David Branon' or on Facebook 'Front Window Photography' or Steven David Branon

Please Visit my Website and take a gander let me know what you think..