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Fatima a.k.a. Phoebe Paige - au naturel.....

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I am exclusively a fine art photographer. I keep my photography pure in the sense that I do not shoot outside of the Art domain.

I emphasize 4 major themes in my work. Landscapes, the Burningman Festival, Haiku imagery, and my Out of Darkness series which has brought me to this site. My OOD series is a collection of beautiful but surreal imagery working with the nude form. I use specific techniques to create a cohesive and distinct look to the photographs which depict iconic women of mythology and imagination. My women, for the most part, are not victims but heroins and warriors and givers of passion and compassion and they come in all sizes ages and colors. To me all women are beautiful and age, color, or size is not as important as your desire to participate in something creative and beautiful. My work is widely collected and hangs in the homes and offices of both regular folks and some of the most influential people in our society. contact tim timmermans at zenphoto7@aol.com or..
818 428 0827

I have to ad something here. I ran across my first psycho on this site. I have photographed over one hundred models here and primarily on MM. Every single one of them loved the shoot and got pretty spectacular images in a totally professional setting.

This one idiot with a mediocre port and misplaced sense of self importance declined my offer of a shoot which is fine with me. Some people have they're niche in which they are comfortable, but I was curious why she declined and when I politely asked her she went off on a ridiculous rant about what a pro she was and declared I was just a GWC because, and get this, "I had never photographed one single fashion model"

That's a direct quote and that's why I'm a GWC. Apparantly she didn't get that I don't shoot Fashion . I shoot exclusively in the Fine Art Domain. Something she's obviously unfamiliar with. She went so far as to leave this site but also leave a page saying there are too many GWC's here and using my name as her poster child.

This girl must be dipping her spoon into the coke bottle a little too much. I can't recall her name. She's the super skinny, kinda ugly, bleach blonde girl with the bad attitude.

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Beautiful work!
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