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Hi, my name is Evan Post. Currently i am a full time college student. I am a photographer and an assistant. Yes i do head shots. Yes i shoot nudes. Yes i shoot because it's what i love to do it is my passion and not to pick up girls i am taken :). No you can not be my assistant i already have one. For all prices please feel free to contact me. They can range from $25 hr to $400 a day, which include full photoshop touch up work and prints.


I charge mainly depending on my travel since gas prices and the recetion are killing us all... If it's a little too much for you which it shouldn't be too bad, I can work with changing the price or if I know you well and trust you to pay half now, half later. All my work is copyrighted. If you alter the photos in any way it violates the copyright and in some cases can lead to legal issues (i.e cropping, color change, etc)

If I have shot any photos for you and you post on your website(s). All I ask is a little credit for my work. If you are an admirer of any of my work, please ask to use some for your page or whatever use you may have for them. I'm a very kind person and again all I ask for is a little credit which would consist of the caption saying "Evan Post" or "ZFS_PHOTOGRAPHY" and maybe tag me in the photos as well. :)

If you're someone with a car who wants a model to pose with it. Do not ask me for personal info on any guy or girl. (i.e Phone numbers, email, url's, marital status) DO NOT harass the guy (s) or girl(s) whatsoever, Just be happy to have them model with your ride and make a new friend otherwise "it'll lead to something bad". During the shoot do not ask for nudity or obscene poses cause that is not your job. Now if the model gives you her phone number or anything like that and then you harass her. I nore will my assistants be held responsible for that actions that was caused. That is something she will have to handle on her own which could lead to legal issues and that is not good for you.

I will not tell you every pose or facial expression you have to make for a shoot. Often I will explane to you if I have a specific look, pose, or theme I want to capture. It's extra work for me and it's really not my job"assistant". Most photographers expect you to do your job and we'll do ours. Most of the girls/guys I have worked with have done their research and gotten ideas on posing, facial expressions & outfits online, modeling websites,fourms, etc. Please do not bring alot of people to the shoots. It's distracting to me and as well as you, the model. Please ask me first and don't just bring them and assume I'll be ok with it because I have to haul them around to different locations also. Also, the most uncomfortable pose makes the best photo!

I honestly do not mind shooting photos of nude people. I have done a few before and I will not post these types online unless you're okay with a few being posted. You MUST be 18 years of age and over in order to go through with this type of photo shoot. Nudes or even implying that you're nude in the photo can be done in a classy way, not a "whorish" way. I've had a few kids ask for this and a few "fake profiles" posing as a teen to see the work I have done of other people which I will NOT do because it's just not cool.


"Jäson French" or "MaD KaO Photography"


13 Jun 11 11:20
Very nice photos! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! And you can send me one to have a try.This one is free. Email: garden_siyu@126.com My site: http://gardenofsiyu.xp3.biz/en%201.htm
03 Jun 09 00:27
Sushi, Sushi!! :)
01 Jun 09 12:42
man i want a monster so bad right now...
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