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Hi, I'm Fiorella...

I'm an aspiring Make Up Artist located in Orange County, California. I have always had a life long affair with beauty and art.
I learned the art of graphic design since I was 16 and was tuned into the world of photoshop digital makeup and beauty. By the time I was 20 my interests for art evolved into a full fledge love of real hair and make up design. I mastered the "nude" make up look or "no make up look" for natural radiance. It all began working on myself then branching out into more creative edgier looks on myself and now others. I was always the girl all my colleagues, friends, and family came to for a make over or special occasion make up look and I loved providing that secureness.

I truly know I have a broad range of talent and I am searching to broaden my range of experience as this has inspired me to be a dedicated professional in the Make Up Industry. I wanted to see what opportunities may come of this and possibly spruce up my techniques and expand my portfolio. My focus with makeup is to enhance someone's face in a way they have never seen before. I believe no amount of make up can conceal an ugly heart. True beauty shines from within. Beauty fades, but a beautiful heart is forever therefore I do not like products that have been tested on animals and will not knowingly use them.

I'm looking for hands on experience on gigs, assisting other artists, partnering with photographers and models in exchange for pictures and would love working with people who share the same passion as I do.
If you are a company that has any apprenticeships, voluntary work placements, part time jobs, full time jobs etc involving the beauty industry then please feel free to contact me.

***for contact info and rates please go to my direct website, thanks!

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"If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is it's own excuse for being" - Fiorella




12 Oct 11 15:56
:D Thank you for the FL !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shot And Art Work..... So beyond Amazing Beautiful ^^...
11 Oct 11 11:19
Hi Stranger, Welcome to iStudio!!
07 Oct 11 02:56
Welcome to iStudio. Hope to meet a great talent like you sometime.
06 Oct 11 20:24
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if you're ever in need of photo retouching services
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