About Me

The name is Mikala. I am married to a U.S. Marine, and we have two beautiful boys. I moved back from N.C. to W.V. to stay with my family while he is deployed for the 2nd time :( I am a stay at home mom, so taking pictures is what I LOVE to do to keep me busy. I have a 4 year old named Elijah and a 1 year old named Eavan. They both keep me on my toes everyday...but I wouldnt have it any other way. I really started to develop a passion for photography over the past few months. Theres just something about being able to capture that "perfect" expression that might not otherwise be noticed. I've mostly just been doing pictures for friends and family members. They are my testers haha =) My goal is to continue to teach myself all that I can about photography in hopes of one day being a very successful photographer =)) So if anyone has any pointers, tips, critiques etc. for me, I'd very much appreciate it! <33