About Me

Hello People,

Well i got into photography back in 2000, I started working for Kodak as a photographer, I worked with Kodak for about 5 years. After I left Kodak, I decided to start my own photography business which is now call ProImageTouch.com. and a little bit about my self would be that i'm a Colombian dude that has passion for life, I believe that i'm going to make history before i die! so lookout for me...lol....i describe my self as a book of contradictions. Simple yet complex, harsh but fair. Understanding but unforgiving. Well if you are interested on a photoshoot let me know. Here is my info. Thx.

David Rodriguez
email: davidr@proimagetouch.com
Myspace: myspace.com/proimagetouch
Website: www.proimagetouch.com