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I am a 42-year young photographer based in Aalst, East Flanders, Belgium.
My photography is primarily concentrating on work for stock, commissions and publishing. I mainly supply images to stock libraries such as Alamy Images (UK), Gallo Images (South Africa) and Getty Images (USA). Although the current fast-paced world demands digital cameras (as such I have a high-end digital camera (Canon EOS5Dii) with pro lenses for professional assignments), my personal preference still goes to old-fashioned film photography : using Rolleiflex cameras (medium 6x6 format) and Fotoman panoramic cameras (medium 6x17 format) I still feel much more tones and subtilities are obtained then when using the current digital processes. An additional advantage is that one is forced to slow down, and hence is getting a better view of the scene. The huge negative produced by the panoramic cameras can be blown up to large sizes without any sign of noise/pixels.
In order to give some new impulses to my artistic view, I am currently enrolled at the Art Academy of Aalst, where I am following the "Photo Art" classes.
For both my paid assignments, and my personal art work for the academy, I am in constant need of models, both young and old, of all nationalities. Modelmayhem looks like the ideal place to find them!