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I Did Some Classes For Modeling and Acting. I am Looking here to see what might Pop Up . I am Looking for some work. If I am Needed to travel must be at Employer's expence For the ticket and Hotel. Food and other's can be on me. Ask Any questions you might have At anytime.I Do Modeling. I have a Natural Talent For Both And I love to do both. I will not give up on anything till It is done correctly. If there is work That Is needed I do a background check on the company For record of good payment. With Work I expect to be paid on site for work. My Work Is Gold to the Producer's.I ask That you Find out for your self and Not rely on my word's. I have done work for Model and talent management In Denver,Colorado. I Did Promotional Modeling at the Fiesta In 2008.
I have no problem traveling and Can Take care of anything that might come up. Just tell me how you want it done and I will do it that way.If extra training is needed I can go for it. I have done some Martial Arts. Such as Karate, And Muay thai. and a Little of Jeet Kun do. What ever is needed I can handle it. I have been all over the united state's and practiced alot of Acting for Different Job's. I am A starter but I have a pasion for the work I do.Email me with any questions .