About Me

I'm into a very type of artistic/alternative style and I enjoy showing it through my photography. I basically started taking pictures when I was a small child and ever since then I've never really put the camera back down. I'm hoping to find more models from this site so that I can actually expand my portfolio and grow more as a photographer. I'm free almost anytime and would love to have many types of different models. I'm pretty fun and creative and always listen to suggestions my models give me. If you'd like to contact me about a photo shoot, you can contact me through my website


or email me



I'd like to give thanks to all my friend, family, and models for being supportive with my growth in photography.


07 Jul 09 21:06
Nice work! I made a picture comment thinking that you were a model with an unusually wide range of looks ( before i realized that you're the photographer) :D
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