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I'm an italian filmaker. I already worked in the past with american actresses and actors. I'd like to work with syslik04. I also worked in the past with Roberto Benigni as assistant director of "Pinocchio". Wonderful experience. I'd like to have job experience in Us, especially in Portland Oregon, where I have a lot of friends, including Gus Van Sant, the famous filmaker. I wrote the first european book on him called: "Gus Van Sant: L'indipendente che piace ad Hollywood". I'm working on my first feature film, "Tre croci", based upon a novel written by a Tuscan novelist at the beginning of the XX century. It's a challenging experience. I'm working with quite famous italian actors and with a wonderful crew. I'll work again with Eric Deulen, like I did in the short "The match". He's one of the actor of my favourite movie "Elephant" by Gus Van Sant. I'm very glad to make this experience after ten years spent in the show business. I'd like to join your website to check if there are some interesting models fit for my movie projects.


I shot two short movies, "The match" and "Faraway" in 35 mm