About Me

I'm a successful wedding photographer in the area with a passion for helping those interested in modeling get great photos that don't look like crap.

This is what I love doing. It's not a hobby or something to pass the time. If you're not serious about your work, don't waste my time.

I'm completely laid back, fun to work with and bluntly honest. If you need to do TFCD, let me know and we can talk.

I absolutely will not work with arrogant people. So be nice ;o)


I take photos that don't look like crap.


05 Sep 11 18:02
I love your work and I'm very interested in working with you on a TF basis if you would be so kind. I think that you could definitely improve my portfolio and I would really like to see what we could create together. Thank you for your time. ~Skye
27 Jul 09 15:00
your work is lovely!
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