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Karmanos, When you live in the metro/Detroit area that name is very important, I must say that after 30 plus
years of being behind the camera, I have had my share of battles as far as always being on top of my shooting game,However as it is said , All things must change or come to an end,And that has now included a new battle, I have been dealing with cancer for the past couple of years and it has done it,s share of slowing me down, But to all of those whom I have had the pleasure of working with it has been a thrill,At this juncture I ask that people who view my work ,Enjoy and view it drop me a line every now and then and give me your thoughts. All photos are done by Vik Toliva hair make-up and style by Buddy VanLoon. Thank you for viewing some of my best work .


16 Jan 16 20:24
Awesome work!
11 Sep 09 10:46
Love your work. Very beautiful!
03 Sep 09 14:42
Thanks for the FR! Perhaps we can work together some day. alahn brezan photography
19 Aug 09 16:32
lol its all good. ya i will have more pics an about a week. sooner i hope but def a week.. cant wait t see them ether.
19 Aug 09 15:52
love your port... you do amazing work...
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