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My name is Kevin Camp. Thank you for visiting my page devoted to sexy glamour, lingerie and boudoir style photography. The images I like to make are classy and sexy, portraying the model in way to allow her inner beauty to compete with her outer beauty. In my galleries you will find images of wonderful models from the Tulsa area as well as models from Oklahoma City, western Arkansas and southwest Missouri. I partner with a local photographer named Randy Wooten and we collaborate on shoots.

We strive to be completely professional in how we work with, interact and photograph the models we work with. We encourage all models to be accompanied by an escort. That can be a friend, another model or a family member. The only thing we ask is that the escort be fully informed about the nature of the shoot. No one needs a husband or boyfriend becoming upset about the nature of the shoot. In these types of shoots, the model has control over what she wears and how she poses. We help with posing styles that help make the model look longer, taller, slimmer and elegant. But, in the end, if the model is uncomfortable with the shoot or its direction, this will show in the images. We like to keep the lines of communication open, encouraging discourse about the look and the impression of the images.

If you are interested in working with us, feel free to email me here or at theseductiveimage [at] gmail.com .


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