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About Me

Thank you for stopping by.

I believe beauty is fleeting, organic, and subjective. As an artist and photographer I've been fortunate to have met many deeply creative people also searching to explore and redefine beauty. Luckily they outway the few shallow experiences and people I've come across in this field.

So far I've learned:

- the desire to be professional is better than the desire to be famous.

- a wall can't be boring but photographers and models can be.

- time can never be reversed, so don't waste it.

- karma is universal law, so I try to treat people with respect, I expect the same

- photo selection, editing and processing are part of the photo process so if you want your pics the same day try Wal-mart, I hear they can get you your images in an hour.

- challenging yourself and stretching boundaries can be the difference between progress and a hobby

I'm interested in


cool locations and/or furniture

working toward my book project Supanatural: Celebrating black beauty, black bodies, natural an beyond

If your interested I can also send you a link to more work.

Thanks again.



26 Nov 10 21:19
stunning portfolio love to work with you someday
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