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About Me

If you'd like to hire me call and email. I'm very real and a straight shooter.

About Friend Requests:
Do not contact me soliciting your retouching services or you WILL be blocked. I do my own retouching and digital editing. Kindly, drive by friend requests are confusing so please message me if you want to work together, not just add me.

I meet with all models and clients before shooting where paperwork is taken care of. I will ask you if I like your look to do TF, DON'T message me about doing TF.

My Story:
Everyone has a good angle whether you are photogenic or not. I catch that good angle to tell that story in that place and time. So yes it's how the light bounces off your structure. Somehow I just know what's I'm here to share with everyone what I'm able to see the emotion I can capture. I also have a way to bring out the glow people have inside them, maybe not on the first shoot but after working with me you will let yourself be you. I love people, thinking of creative scenes, and locations for the shoots. My passion will lead me to produce more artistic, portraits, fashion, and great location shooting. My passionate internal wants you to see revolutionary shots nobody has seen--something that will grip you, captivate you. I think only one shot yet speaks of that.

I want everyone there if there is a crew to feel as comfortable as me. Whether we shoot one-on-one or with staff to me it's creating art.

Eventually use my visions in larger production photo shoots that will blow anyone's mind away. Visions come to me daily of scenes and finding new places to shoot. I live in downtown Los Angeles where I'm in the heart of fashion district. I'm in the right spot, I have the talent with vision. I have also been using photoshop since 1998 professionally...let's max out what we can produce! My inspiration comes in part from Todd Wright, Ajani Truth, Jamais Vu, Rox Cox, Tony Murano, Dolce, Erro, Ansel, the original oil painting art geniuses, and virtuoso sculptor's.

All Paid & TF shoots:
> You will get raw digital negatives same day and/or within 2 weeks for edits. JPGs if desired and full size dvd burned, depending what you request. TF means full 100% trade of pictures.
> Will provide MUA, wardrobe, and hair, when available. Unless you do your own MUA where the quality is acceptable for the shoot we are doing.
> Model Release forms to protect both parties must be signed prior to any paid or TF shoot. To clarify what this means since many people don't understand a release form. Where if you do not want to have specific shots or all photos not released is stipulated in the paperwork. It can be noted as a non-release and release form. And I always respect that agreement completely.
> Studio info here:

I never bring anyone to my studio where I shoot unless I have met with them first in a public place. The practice has resulted in greater comfort for me, my clients/models. It produces better photos because of being so comfortable, also weeds out the flakes, non-collaborative, and nut jobs who want to see where I keep all my equipment!

Policy on escorts:
Crew/TF shoots: I prefer to work without them. But if you need one I have no problem with you bringing a female assistant to help you change and if they are willing help out as well. No Boyfriends/Husbands, aka Managers, aka Business Partners, or Mothers. Don't need another Ego adding their input or someone that doesn't add to the production that takes up space. Nor do I want someone access to unattended items or places while the shoot is in session. There is a lobby where they can wait at.

More often than not, it's the model wanting privacy without having a whole crew of MUA/Hair right there. Some models even request hair and makeup to leave and only have necessary people there.

The nude rule:
If you want to shoot nude you need to inform me. It's a personal choice to what genre you like. Private shoots are to show what you can do without holding back. If you care to have your own nude shoot to look back on that's fine with me, I see the human body as art itself--the most beautiful thing in existence.  Collaborate: Commission driven models can make money from posting my photos in galleries. If you want to share the wealth by collaborating message me.

Against my way of thinking:
I do NOT touch models without concent for work purposes. I do NOT ask you to do anything not planned or talk about nude shots mid session if you do not already do this genre of photography.

Paycheck only driven people:
Because I only work with collaborative minded passionate people that know the value of social networking.

Flakes & No shows:
Disrespect of my time isn't tolerated, the other artists involved in the shoot are paid to show up for work, (MUA and hair the same) Call, text/email or Facebook. There is never an excuse to cancel last minute or no show.

If your worried about your safety, call and check in during the shoot. Call my references