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Photographer and Model/Talent Manager (Fashion, Film, TV)

IF YOU WANT TO COLLABORATE WITH ME please take the time to READ my page before contacting me, since by reading it, most if not ALL of your anticipated questions will be answered. You will have an idea as to my personality, philosophy, whether you and I will work well together - my TF stipulations are also here.

I shoot, do the makeup, styling and edit - you get edits within 24 hours.

If you have a Portfolio here I WILL NOT Schedule Shoots through any other webpage, not through Facebook, Tumbler, or your Email, etc... only though here!

To me is quite simple; if you don't have the time to read my page, you DO NOT have time to shoot with me, since doing a shoot takes a hell of a lot more time then reading. However, if you don’t care to know, where we will shoot, what you will get, when you will get edited photos, etc. cool, send me a private message saying "I don't' care to know anything, just shoot me already", but if you ask me questions that are found here, I will say, READ MY PAGE – so you might as well read it now or get off the next exit (lol).

MODEL sara cardenas (white girl that wanted to look black - styling and makeup by me)

If I have to travel to you, I expect you to provide accommodations (a place to stay) as well as have shoot locations.

MODEL valentina

What produces better results for me, is a connection between those that are involved in the creative process, especially so between the model and the photographer; the below process permits the model and I to have a good idea if we will work well together, so before I decide to work with a Model the following must take place:

• We read each others' profile;
• Communicate and come to an agreement via private message;
• Talk on the phone;
• Meet in person (when it is practical to do so) or Skype;
• Pick the outfits and accessories before the your shoot;
• Schedule a shoot.

MODEL karen


If you wanted to work with or hire a model, would you choose the one that has sub-level photos? So, if you are a model, think about that when you are deciding who to work with and what photos to put up. The photos you show will determine what type of offers you get. bad photos = bad offers

MODEL daria

PET PEEVE • Being asked a question that is answered here.

• MODELS that want to do a shoot with me but don't want to give me their telephone number.

• MODELS that agree to a full nude shoot and schedule it during that time of the month.

• MODELS that schedule a shoot with me and flake; these models will remain blocked until they give me an acceptable explanation. If you flake on me, I require that you deposit via paypal a $50 refundable deposit which will be given to you after the shoot.

• MODELS that reply to my nude casting and tell me they are not available for nudes.

• People that want me to shoot on a TF basis their engagement, wedding, product, magazine.

• Just because they are photos of you or videos of you, it does not make them "your" photos or video - the creator is the owner, unless of course you have paid loads of money to have all the rights to said works.

• PEOPLE that keep sending me text messages after I ask them to call me.

• PHOTOGRAPHERS that claim to be celebrity photographers when all they really are, are wanna be paparazzis with a camera. Example: The photographer went to an event and the celebrity that was on the other side of the ropes, looked or smiled at the person aiming the camera and they now call themselves CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHER.

• PHOTOGRAPHERS that brag about the number of models they have worked with and/or how long they have been shooting and have not gotten any better in relation to what they brag about; I don't consider these individuals photographers and prefer to call them "a guy with a camera".

MODEL jeska

FRIEND REQUEST • I read, review ALL friend request and ONLY accept them from models that inspire me to create with them, photographers who's work I admire or from other artist that want to collaborate with me, therefore please do not take offense if I do not accept you as a friend.

MODEL angelina

WHO I BLOCK • I block those that have flaked on me, those that I do not see me working with, and those that do not reply to my messages - If you are not interested in working together then I expect you to be professional enough to say "no thank you or something" vs not replying. How would you like it if you sent out a message and did not get a reply?

MODEL sarah

TO MUAs and other ARTIST - If you are a Stylist, Hair or Make-up Artist, Designer, etc. who wants to collaborate with me, please send me a private message.

MODEL jan marie

will be back after this commercial break (these are not my prices, it is a freaking commercial break to show what photographers are looking for) ... 3, 2, 1 .....

shooting a GIRL with a stunning face - $100
shooting a WOMAN with a great body and a stunning face - $200
shooting a MODEL with a great body, stunning face, with a great personality that can perform in front of the camera - PRICELESS; for everything else, there's Master Card.

and now back to our regular scheduled program .....

MODEL carla

Your goals should always be to find photographers that want to work with you and can produce better photos then what you have, however if they are "paying you", then who cares how bad of a photographer they are - money is honey and you are a bee!

MODEL laura (my 1st makeup job)

ABOUT ME • ..... I am based in MIAMI/FT LAUDERDALE.

When I was a child I was sketching and drawing and was also curious about how things worked. In high school I continued drawing and painting.

Wanting to leave the nest upon turning 18, I joined the US Marines, where I also got involved in the modeling world by Modeling for them. After getting honorably discharged I continued to work as a model, which led me to become a Model Scout for one of the top Fashion Agency in the World (they represented more Super Models than any other agency), this eventually led me to picking up the camera (I applied my skills as an artist and became a self taught photographer). I then became the International Director for a Modeling Agency and eventually moved to Hollywood CA where I discovered, developed, groomed and represented Actors for Film and Television - thereafter I became a Personal Manager.

MODEL tunde fekete (Hungary 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Year - styling and makeup by me)

I have low self-esteem and suffer from depression; shooting is my get well pill.

I am a professional goof-ball that takes photography very seriously. I am self-taught and have taught others. I don't own a light meter and seldom use artificial light.

I like to connect and build relationships with models I work with; prefer to work with the model numerous times.

If you are looking for someone that shoots the same thing over and over again, and the only thing that changes is the model or wanting ordinary photos, you came to the wrong place; feel free to hit the exit button.

I have been the Art Director for ALL the shoots, have done the styling for most of them, and since collaborating with other artists is often difficult, due to scheduling conflicts, most of the shoots have been done without a Hair and Makeup Artist, however on 25MAR11 I started doing the makeup myself - for an unknown reason I did not think about this before and had a genius idea (lol) after 20 years of shooting, that I should be able to do makeup since I used to be an artist

Dam! That's allot of I; my excuse is, it is about me.

MODEL amanda (my first attempt using feathers, hair and makeup by me).

I am not into the party scene, never been drunk and never been high, but I am addicted to shooting beautiful girls, so they tried to make go to rehab, and I said, no, no, no.

I like to sing badly, psychology & human behavior, philosophy, meaningful conversation, being spontaneous, cuddling, and the other thing is for me to know and for you to find out.

I relate mostly with women, even though I am a hedrosexual, I think that deep-down within me I am a lesbian .

I am able to provide a place to stay in exchange for a shoot or two (I will be your hostess with the mostess), depending on how much creative freedom I am given.

If you do not have transportation; I have no problem picking you up and as the tune by Gym Class Heroes goes - "get your ass back home" (lol).

I hope that my work shows that I am versatile and can shoot whatever you want; just tell me what you want me to shoot or provide samples.

This is not "hookup dot com;" I am happily married to my camera, please be respectful of that fact, although she likes to swing.

MODEL sugouri (1st shoot) hair & makeup by me

Don't wish me luck, it does not take luck to produce images.

MODEL galina (1st shoot - hair & makeup by me)

MODELING REQUIREMENTS • Female, clear complexion, great figure (hour glass shape is preferred), compatible personality and attitude or a model that inspires me to create with her or a model that feels vs a pose (you did notice that there were 3 types of models I am interested in - right?).

MODEL tanya (1st shoot - hair & makeup by me)

If I turn you down this is why.

I shoot those that I find inspiring and not everyone is to "me".

No matter what you look like, there will be photographers that will say "you are stunning and inspiring", but what really matters most is not what others think, rather it is what you think of yourself; whether your look inspires them or not.

MODEL karen (makeup by me)


When I shoot my job is to make you feel very comfortable (whether you are fully clothed or naked and hog tied - that's a joke, although I have not done that, I am no opposed to trying). I have lots of patience, will also give you directions when necessary, pay close attention to every detail in order to accomplish the objective - an enjoyable shoot that produced great results that makes you want to come back for more.

DEPOSIT? - If you are the type of model that requires a deposit, I will require a deposit from you as well.

WHAT WILL YOU WEAR? - I may come to you to pick the clothes, accessories and props or you may bring a luggage; the shoot will take place on a different day.

WHERE WILL WE SHOOT? - The shoot may (noticed I say "may" vs "will") begin where you are at (I will know when I see it) and will continue at different locations; The world is my studio.

I DON'T DO QUICKIES! - I do not rush to create, I take my time; a shoot with me is an ALL Day event - usually, sunrise to sunset.

WHAT KIND OF SHOOT DO YOU HAVE IN MIND FOR ME? - I shoot photos & video and make decisions based on a combination of things; how I am feeling, your personality, how we are interacting, what you are wearing and the surrounding area (things I see, colors, sounds, weather, etc.) - I don't shoot, I feel.

I will throw ideas at you and you are free to also throw some at me. If you are uncomfortable with something, I expect you to say so, if you say nothing, it means you are ok with it.

MODEL toni (styling and makeup by me)

If you are the type of person that wants specifics, we were not made for each other, since I do not USUALLY (shit, another key work) plan anything, I improvise, so if you ask me what I have in mind for you, I will say, "I plan to shoot you: if you say, can you be more specific, I will say "I plan to shoot you with my camera".

But if you misbehave, I will definitely shoot that!

PS. I do not shoot everyone that contacts me, not even for money; especially those that are drop dead gorgeous, but are ugly - you know who they are.

MODEL emily (body paint by me)

Besides what you see on my pages, I am particularly interested in working with Models that are uninhibited, don't give me restrictions, like to experiment, try new things - I reserve my best ideas to those models.

MODEL kayla (styling and makeup by me)

WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? - I expect you (the model) to come up with numerous and creative poses and to simultaneously project with your eyes different moods or emotions - especially friendly or seductive (I suggest you practice in front of a mirror) . Work on different poses and see how you look from different angles - in order to make your body look better when photographed or filmed. However, I have no problems giving you direction, and working with you to get what I am looking for.

ROAD TRIPS and DRIVE-BY SHOOTINGS • When I am away from home (more than an hour's drive from Miami) I prefer to work with models that have a great location for the shoot and can also offer a place for me to stay.

I also prefer to meet you in person before I confirm a shoot, if the shoot includes nudes, I need to see you in the nude before your shoot (had way to many surprises, including a girl that was not a girl). If you cannot meet with me, we can have a video conference via skype. If on the day of the shoot you look different - I more than likely will not shoot you.

If our personalities are incompatible - we will not shoot; it's not about the money, honey.

MODEL patricia

WHAT YOU WILL GET & WHEN? - The images that I personally like will be edited and sent right away via email, often times is on the same day, but usually in less than 24 hours.

You WILL NOT get all the images. You will get 2 edited images per look and you can only post on the web, photos that I have edited myself or those that I have approved of, which have my trade name (aHUMANad) and a copyright logo. You may not re-edit or crop them, make changes to colors, contrast, etc. I retain the exclusive full rights to my work; so if you shoot with me you are agreeing to these terms. I do not want pictures that I have created out there that in my opinion (key word MY OPINION, gees another key work - wtf) are bad or infringe on my property rights.

MODEL xiomara

• I get along with most of the models I have worked with, that is why I need to speak and meet them in person first, to see if we click (good for you - good for me). I seldom have bad shoots, but it has happened a few times (8 to be precise) due to numerous reasons - the model's attitude, the weather, or I did a bad job (crap happens to all of us; we are not always at our best).

MODEL rachel ray

SECURITY CONCERNS • for my safety, if I have never worked with you, I reserve to bring with me a non obstructive person (lol), I don't even leave my house unless I have someone with me, and I have never talked or gone out with a stranger (yeah, right! - enough with the bs).

That's like asking your prospective new employer if you could bring someone with you to the interview or during the first days at work. Nonetheless, if after reviewing my work, reading my page, communicating via MM or email, having a phone conversation and finally a face to face meeting, you still have issues of safety and have a need for one; I rather work with someone else.

PS. If you are a celebrity you are allowed a security entourage to protect you from the public... Oh by the way, I have shot many, many models, all of them have survived multiple headshots.

MODEL brittany (1st shoot - hair & makeup by me)

REFERENCES • I won’t ask you for references, because:

1. You are only going to refer me to those that have the best things to say about you, and

2. This is the most important part for me, I am not interested in what others have to say about you (good or bad), I care ONLY about how you and I get along; this is the only thing that I know and have no use for what anyone else has to say.

MODEL laura (makeup by me)

CONTEST & PHOTO COMMENTS • If you ask me to vote for you in a contest and I see someone that I like better – I will vote for them. I do not solicit for photo comments and when I leave them they are genuine.

MODEL yolanda

0 NOTE TO MODELS - Before you ask, no I do not pay to create, clients pay and hire models after a go-see (meeting them in person = a job interview, to put it in simple terms) and I do not have any clients, because I don't like knocking on doors and I am inept at soliciting and marketing myself to clients; I like the creative process - my ideal situation is to show up for the shoot and have someone else get me the paid gigs.

I do not pay to create - so if you ask me to pay you, I will say cool, I pay you for your skills and you pay me for mine (photography, makeup, styling, editing).

The chief enemy of creativity is good taste - Pablo Picasso  

Just because I made you aware of me (by posting a photo comment or sending you a tag) does not mean I am wanting to shoot you for free; I rather get paid for my skills and talent - especially if it's to build, improve or update your portfolio. However my TF (Trade For shoots - I shoot what YOU want and I shoot what I want) specs are found below.

I DO NOT WORK WITH adult models that need me to first meet their parent, boyfriend, etc.; I only work with adults that can decide on their own and don't need to get some other person's permission to do a shoot with me (this includes agents and or so called managers).

MODEL nettie harris (styling by me)

HIRING ME for Commercial Use? - Rates depends on what you need, others involved and the complexity of the desired shoot - please inquire.


18 Jan 14 21:21
Amazing portfolio! Thanks so much for the friend request. Keep up the great work!
17 Apr 12 19:08
thanks for the pic comment!
09 Jan 12 23:53
thank you for the friend request I would love to shoot with you and don't forget like my page www.facebook.com/pages/Brittany-Workman/149173078520645
21 Feb 11 15:53
Thanks for the FR! Your photos are by far the most astounding i have seen yet. Your personality is also .. .wellll... friggen AWESOME! I would love to get an opportunity to work with you!!! Keep rockin it! XoXo Jenna
21 Feb 11 14:32
thanks for the FR! perhaps we'll run into one another during one of my upcoming adventures! ;^)
31 Aug 10 03:46
love your talent hope we can shoot sometime,;)
14 Aug 10 09:08
Really flattered of your FR ! so much fun reading your profile can only guess you must be great to work with .... shame I live in gray old London !!! LOVE Your style of shooting also the editing is immaculate ! I feel inspired !
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