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I am a former and now current again, professional photographer, at one time my bread and butter was weddings and some magazine work (Spin), as well as newspapers, then mother nature decided to wipe out all of my equipment and most of everything I ever shot (fire) and out of frustration, I tossed in the towel and retired from the business for a while and went to work on computers. After a few years of dealing with the computer field, I discovered that the boredom and lack of creativity with computers was choking me to death, so here I am, back in the business and in a sense, starting over, I did have a few photos left, which I scanned a few and put them on my port, along with new work. With the short hiatus working on computers, I have had almost 35 years behind a camera.

I am one who enjoys photographing everything, models, outdoors, nature; you name it I love to photograph it.

I am in search of models in the area to work with (out of my area within reasonable limits), and since I do have to rebuild a portfolio for myself, I am willing to do TFP/TFCD to assist in the models portfolios as well as mine. I am looking for models to do all types of photography work. So if you contact me, please let me know where your interests are also.

I also have an interest in working with models to do artistic nudes. Not porn, artistic nudes, as well as body painting, latex and implied nudity. I have a thousand creative ideas running in my head and am looking for the right models to match them with. If there are any female models interested, please contact me.

My TFCD policy is simple, it is a 50/50 situation, we both may use the photos for our ports/portfolios, if either one of us sells prints; we both share in the profit of that sale. I will shoot photos that you feel you need, but I also expect you to model for photos I feel I need.

Please note that if we arrange a shoot and you should have to cancel at the last minute, I will have, by that point, supplied you with my cell number and assume you have given me yours also. My cell phone does not accept, nor do I send any “text messages”, so please CALL ME. If you text message me, I will not receive it.


04 May 11 14:14
Thank you for FR. Nice portfolio! Can't wait to see more of your work! Brenda
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