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The female nude has a long history in art, and my contribution to that tradition usually involves photographing graceful women in nature. I enjoy combining the beauties of the female face and form with those of the native flowers, plants and geological features of central Texas, with a butterfly or other friendly creature sometimes making an appearance. I’m especially fond of abstractions, whether of shadows falling on the textures of a woman’s skin or of an isolated contour or feature of her body playing off flowers, foliage, rocks, water, sky. For variety I sometimes include human elements like shawls, jewelry, mirrors, or even unexpected objects that we come across out in the field.

If you are a female model and would like to add something beautiful but different to your portfolio, please contact me. Fortunately the weather in Austin is warm enough that we can work outdoors most of the year. There are also plenty of nature preserves, greenbelts, parks, trails, and prairies in our area, so a scenic yet secluded place is never far away.



14 Jun 11 22:38
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