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About Me


About Me:

I have been involved in the art of glamor photography for over 2 years now and I am loving every minute of it. I tend to focus on shooting swimwear, lingerie, and artistic/glamour nudes, both on location and in studio, and would love to shoot some pin-up style images as well. I shoot with both artificial light for glamor looks as well as natural light, for a more editorial feel to the images. My photography allows me to have a creative outlet, while celebrating the female form as a true work of art in itself. Though from time to time I do shoot some nude work, I always do so in a classy and tasteful manner.

Paid Shoots:

At this time I am only offerring paid shoots to very professional and very experienced models with extensive references and a look that will benefit my portfolio. I am in the proccess of portfolio overhaul to take my work to the next level. I am in search of talented individuals that can help me do that, so at this time I can only afford to pay models that I feel will aid me in increasing top notch traffic to my page. I’m also very open to touring professional models who want to contact me with their rates. If your rates aren’t completely rediculous, and the timing is right, I might just book you for a shoot. If you are a non-touring (local or newbie) model that I have never worked with before, I will probably respond with a TF request. (or my rates if your look will not benefit my portfolio) Once we have developed a satisfactory work history, then I will be more than happy to consider you for paid work.

Model Releases:

I use a standard release in all of my work. It generally states that the images that I shoot of you may be used by the photographer for self-promotion both in his personal portfolio, and personal online internet portfolios and/or websites. They will not, however, be offered for any reason, for use in “adult-type” products of any kind, including internet websites or publications, without your expressed written consent.


I enjoy helping new models develop their portfolios, especially if I feel it will benefit my port as well. After all, you don’t want to introduce yourself to the world of modeling by offering up a bunch of self-snapped camera phone shots. So if you’re just starting out, feel free to contact me about setting up a session. From our shoot, I will provide you with at least one edited image from each look.


If having a chaperone present is an absolute necessity, especially for our first shoot, that can be arranged. I only ask that you limit yourself to one, and that the person of your choosing is someone you’re comfortable with, and not someone from whom you will need to seek approval as the shoot progresses. I also ask that your chaperone not be someone that is present to create an intimidating environment during our appointment. I ask that you provide me with your chaperones full name prior to the shoot and that they are able to povide identification upon yor arrival. For the safety of equipment, chaperones are asked to stay out of the immediate shoot area and will be housed in an area where food, drink and television entrtainment will be provided.


I believe in great communication and as a result, I also believe that everyone deserves at least a response when contacting someone, so I will never completely ignore a message. I figure if you take the time to message me, I can at least take the time to answer you back, even if it is to tell you that at the time, I may not be able to work with you. I will always be gracious and polite because I feel like the world is missing that very thing nowadays. Because of the amounts of models that cancel shoots without notice, if I attempt to contact you three times via MM, email or phone without a response in a reasonable time frame, I will be forced to cancel our appointment. I have to stop letting those who are not serious about this waste my time and energy. I hope that you can understand that. If you ever have a question or are confused about a scheduled appointment, you can always refer to my upcoming shoots/travel section. If your name and date are listed there, that means I have you down on my schedule to shoot.


I know sometimes things happen. I just ask that if we are scheduled to shoot that you please make every effort to be there, and on time so as to respect everyone's time. I also ask that if you cannot make a shoot, to at least be professional enough to let me know as far in advance as possible. If you do not do ths, I cannot offer you any paid work or TF shoots in the future.

I try to shoot models who want to make great images and who are willing to work as hard as I do to make sure that the final image is a work of art. Contact me and I'll try my best to help you build your portfolio and enhance your professional resume.

I hope everyone has a very blessed 2011...



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