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My goal as a photographer is to create images that I enjoy viewing... My theory is, that if I enjoy viewing them other people will also... Not exactly rocket science, but I did come up with it all by my self ;) So... What kind of images do I enjoy viewing? What captures my imagination? What draws me into a state of fantasy? What seduces my mind? Well first of all, I am a man, and as a man, I enjoy looking at beautiful women. (let me add here that I am open minded and do not judge men who like men, that's just not me)... I think the female body is a work of art created by God to give us men something to work for... let's face it, as men we don't usually care if we have a big fancy house (or a nice diamond ring), but if the woman who is the Love of our life wants something, we will work our keister off to get it for her. I know that there is nothing in the world that I would not do for the The Love of My Life... that's right I have the most wonderful woman in the entire world, and she lets me take pictures of other women... go figure... I think it is because she knows that I Love Her more than any man has ever loved a woman and no matter how many models I shoot with, none could ever compare to her beauty, intelligence, class, style, etc. and I thank God every day that she loves me... Anyway, back to the work of art thing... I like to shoot classy images, not trashy images... images that leave a little something for the imagination... images that might take the viewer back to a memory of the one that they love... sounds great I know.... and I'm still working on it... let me know if one of my images does that for you.

Austin Angel


21 Sep 09 06:34
Welcome! Thank you for the comment....it is much appreciated:) Shea
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