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'Any photographer who says he's not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar!' -- Helmut Newton, 1995

I've been fumbling around with cameras since 1976 (I've only drop one camera in my life. Being it was Nikon I just picked it up and, you know, kept on shooting). The passion bit fast & hard. It seems as though I've lived life through a wide angle lens with the crop of a square prism. My inspiration comes from life, perceptions, dreams & fantasy. Many times the creativity is so much that you just don't know where to harness it. Very much mood driven.

I like Helmut & Annie, Jerry Avenaim & Richard Reinsdorf, San Diego colleague Robert Dahey are just a few who's work inspires me.

So, you like my work and feel I can make the images you want for your portfolio? Killer!!, happy that my work has left that impression on you. Send me a note and tell me what you have in mind, your budget and the date(s) you would like to schedule. I'll review my calendar and advise. My rates are fair and reasonable.


On occasion, but not often. Did I mention my rates are fair and reasonable? Don't let this deter you from asking.

To some, it matters what gear I use. I'm a bit of a gear nut but realized long ago that they are just tools. I use what I need to get what I'm looking for given the requirements issued by the client. Hope that makes sense.

That being said,

Nikon D700 and too many lenses to remember.

Profoto studio & location lighting, countless light modifiers (remember, I said it's a mood thing).

Capture One Pro 6.2
Lightroom 2.8

Now, for something different:


and then again:




14 Jul 09 00:06
im pretty sure they come off by the end of this year...
11 Jul 09 15:55
thanks for the FR Amazing port!
05 Jul 09 13:09
your work is awesome!!! id def like to team up and rock a shoot with you!! any free dates in july???
25 Jun 09 09:50
Thank you for the kind words, you do lovely work yourself! Z
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