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About Me

Hello there.
My Name is Veena and I'm of Indian and British backgrounds.

I'll be turning 18 next year and I've only just started getting into fashion photography. I've always been into fashion and high end editorial photography but I only just got a proper SLR camera last year (which took a lot of saving...) but it was worth it.

I've done a couple of photoshoots with some friends well actually it's just two friends really because none of my mates are to keen on helping me out...I really need models who wouldn't mind working with me I'm still really young so I can't afford to pay to hire models and stuff but I'm really keen on breaking into the photography scene especially in fashion photography and I would really love to be able to work with different people and different kinds of photo shoots.

I do like dark edgier stylings and vintage things. I like gothic stuff as well as really simple chic stuff. I'm not too covnentional so I do tend to choose rather out of the way places for shoots...

I live in Singapore now so my photography pretty much revolves around the places here and I try to get to as many intresting places as I can.

Do check out the photographs I have taken so far with my mates as models I do hope you like them and I hope to work with some new people really soon.

Thank you!
feel free to contact me. :)

Much Love,
Veena Doll. <3


Models: Liza, Karina and Maria.