About Me

I'm a Producer for Activision/Blizzard Inc. with a local studio, Raven Software, in Middleton, WI.

We produce AAA computer games for Xbox, Sony PS3 and the PC. Our games are complex, multi-year projects, involving multi-national teams up to 150 programmers, artists, animators and cinematographers. Budgets for the games can be up to $50 million. The games can sell worldwide up to 2-3 million units.

Frequently we are in need of models, voice actors and motion capture actors. For an idea of how our "Mocap" studio works please see the following link:


Recently we developed and produced the game Wolverine that accompanied the hit movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine - starring Hugh Jackman

We pay for your time in studio, provide training for Mocap and you get to appear in the credits of the games.

If you are interested in being involved in a project please contact me at skohl@ravensoft.com