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About Me

This profile is here to find people that are up for some really different, adventurous shoots. Some stuff that's really different and will push even the 'edgier' magazines.

Models who have a really unique look and are NOT shy or flaky. Somebody who is ready to do something that shocks me and wants to push their comfort level and deliver.
MUAs who have their game together and are looking to get published and well known
Stylists who have access to some brilliant stuff you won't see in catalogs and who have an amazing eye to put together some killer looks.

I'm in L.A. and am going to be shooting a TON. I want to get into a lot of magazines but not bow to what is expected. Let;s put on some good music, warm up the flash and have fun.


11 Jun 11 08:27
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28 Oct 09 00:08
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