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I'm an Orlando area Photographer who specializes in fashion, glamour, fitness, lifestyle, and swim suit.

OFFICIAL WEB SITE FOR DIGITAL DREAMS OF FL www.photographybyednunes.com

Please note that TFCD will be by special invitation only and at my disgression. This policy came about as a result of models flaking and wasting my time. Models I have worked with and have proven themselves will be considered first. I sometimes do TFCD for equipment test, or new lighting schemes. I do not release unprocessed images due to possible copyright infringement and theft of my work. Please understand this happens all the time on the internet. Please also and lastly note that I do not work with a model's manager on TFCD shoots. If I hire a model, then I may consider working through the manager or modeling agency. If the model hires me then I do what the model wants only (except release unprocessed files).

I do all my studio work out of my house, because it makes no sense to own or rent a studio when I can do everything in one place. I do allow escorts, with restrictions (remember this is a private residence and not a public place). If this bothers you, please do not respond, I do not tolerate flakey models, because they waste my time and energy. Please be professionals.

Now for my flake policy: Since it takes time to plan a shoot, all shoots will be confirmed 2 hours prior to the shoot, so I will need a cell phone number prior to me agreeing to any shoot paid or tfcd. My other policy is I will terminate a scheduled shoot if you are more than 1hr late. These rules may sound harsh and strict but I have been flaked on so many times I had to be this strict in order to prevent this from happening and to keep from wasting my time. You can thank flakey models for these rules. Other than that I'm really flexable and fun to work with (fun is a requirement).

**************OTHER PLACES TO SEE MY WORK*******
http://www.modelmayhem.com/po.php?threa … amp;page=1

My shoot with Kristy Lee Wilson
http://www.kristy-leewilson.com/gallery … reams.html

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/digital_dreams_of_fl



My List of Highly reccomended models that I have worked with:

La Angelita
Miche m
Miss Whitney Morgan
Kristy Lee Wilson
Alisha Bishop
Erica Dean
Selena Bass
Hallie Wage
Alexandra Courson
Wendel Claytor
Brea Hamilton
Cloudy Venus
Tiffani Nicole
Angelisa Marie
Heidi Fahrenbach
Kelly M Collins
Ashley Fitzgerald

Cloudy venus( 851274) wrote:

You are awesome, and I love the photos! Felt very comfortable, and would be more than happy to get a chance to collaborate with you again. I hope you have the best evening, and will be posting my pics soon! Thank you again~

Cloudy Venus wrote:
Love them all! You are awesome! Love being your muse~ Thank you so much Ed 0


27 Nov 10 09:00
very creative portfolio stunning images http://zarihsretouching.com/
16 Aug 10 00:45
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome. Please let me know if you're ever in need of professional photo retouching
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