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About Me

Please take the time to read my page.

My name is Saraya and I am 19 years old.

I just recently got into modeling.

I currently have 3 tattoos and 9 piercings.

If you would like to work with me, in your message, please include the following:
* Date & Time * Location
* Concept of Shoot * Duration of shoot
* Compensation * Your E-mail
* Phone Number * Model Release
* Wardrobe? * Makeup?
* Hair?

I am free to shoot:
Sunday November 1st 2009-Swingsetacidphotography
Monday November 2nd 2009-Soft Focus Imagining
Tuesday November 3rd 2009-John Bosley

I would mainly like to continue shooting TF*.

I will be more than willing to work with you if you bribe me with:
*Starbucks *Watermelon *Tattoos

I am open to shoot:
*Swimwear *Glamour
*Western *Underwater
*Fashion *Themed
*Calendar *Cars
*Magazine *Wacky Make-up
*Crazy Hair *Lingerie
*Infra-red *Ultra-Violet

Although I appreciate the beauty of the human form my personal choice is not to model in the nude, thank you for your understanding.

I have a personal assistant who assists me on all my shoots.

If you have any questions or ideas send me a message or comment on here.


15 Jun 10 17:28
Great port! I will be in Casper June 30th thru July 11th if your available to shoot TF during that time let me know.
07 Jun 10 11:48
You have a great look! I'm right up the street from you if you're interested in help building your portfolio. Take care...
11 Dec 09 23:55
Great port Saraya! I think you are a member of our magazine... Mike
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