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About Me

I like the art, science, and business of photography. From planning and casting, to editing and publishing.
I like to challenge myself and make a difference in every shot, and when models are involved, capture the best out of them in that almost perfect shot (but never quite so).
I am very glad to learn more from others experiences and visions, but still have not developed a particular photographic style.
Photography means as much to me this days as my regular career.
About ten years ago got the inspiration to start for real in the magic of photography, thanks to living with people more than beautiful which images had to capture, including the emotions they could create and reflect.
Open spaces as any beach would be my favorite location to take photos, followed by structures from old architecture.
Pictures are said to capture memories, but I think that good ones will create sensations and emotions beyond that.
Even being concerned with intellectual property rights over published material in the Internet, will try to bring some samples and keep updated.