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About Me

Hey everyone, I'm Jessica and I'm a young Toronto based photographer with a focus on artistic and somewhat erotic nude photography. I'm also interested in expanding my portfolio to include more glamour and fashion orientated work however my main goal in every shoot is to unleash the inner sexuality of my subjects in a tasteful and respectful way (I want to be clear that I am Not interested in creating porn). I want my work to explore the inner most sexual beings that we all share and display them to the world instead of having them confined to the bedroom as our cultural norms would lead us to believe they should be.

Though this might sound a little edgy for some models, you should know that every photograph I take will be in a clean, safe environment where respect is key. I will not ask anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with, and I believe that it is possible to show sexuality in many ways excluding nude or explicit content meaning no matter what limits you've set for yourself it is entirely possible for us to work together successfully.

Anyways, I'm new and will be looking around for models that catch my eye, and if you like my profile I'd love to hear from you if you are interested in working for me or if you just have some constructive crit/comments on the work I've posted.

Thanks for reading and good luck everyone.