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Like it or not, people do judge the book by its cover. To most of us an image, or a photo, any compelling visual representation for that matter is an irresistible invitation that beckons us forward.

In the chaotic world we call the “present”, there are too many such stories that need to be told; MUST be told. I am not speaking of fictional romantic comedies, fantasy adventures or criminal dramas, but true stories that are more dramatic, more terrifying than any Stephen King Novel could ever hope to be. Terrifying because they are true and happening around us every day.

Photography For Change is my philosophy as well as a professional goal. To employ my talents and resources to produce compelling, thought provoking, question instigating and ultimately, action inspiring photos that can help make a difference in our world today. We are a powerful hybrid of Art and Activism. Our philosophy of “Photography for Global Change” is based in the idea that an Image is the Gateway of Awareness. Our talent lies in the ability to produce artistic images that grab people’s attention and make them want to read on and understand the image. In doing so we help facilitate Awareness and Education about Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking.

I have been shooting for 35+ years. My current area of focus is shooting Composites; HDR (High Dynamic Range) Backgrounds which I overlay studio photographed subjects. This process produces amazing portraiture with a high level of creative range.

All my work is tastefully done.

Though I am extremely busy I do consider TF projects so contact me and let’s talk

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