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About Me

Fashion and publicity photographer. Presently lives in Belém, Pará, Brazil.

My story on professional photography began when I lived in the U.S., being one of my school's yearbook photographers (this yearbook "The Lodestone", was distinguished among the ten best yearbooks produced in the country in 1983 "National Sample Yearbook").

When I came back to Brazil, I worked on travel agencies, and as english teacher, until I founded my first studio in 1991.

After 2000, I led my work towards fashion photography, portraiting photobooks and composits for models and fashion agencies.

On 2003, I migrated definitely to digital capture, becoming one of the first in Belem to work with photo retouching and restoration.

2005 arrived and the jobs became increasingly online, with many portraits produced specially for the WWW. Presently many photos seen on the web (photologs, orkut and more...) were made by me!

In the middle of 2006, I added a talent agency to my studio's work portfolio...


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