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Welcome to KHP Entertainment and Thanks for Stopping By! We are an independent production company specializing in short horror/thriller/drama/suspense films. If you think you could like horror with a sexy edge, please let us know. We love special effects and fake blood is our specialty and we are always looking for fresh faces interested in working with us. No prior acting is required, we just ask that you be willing to scream! LOL!

We offer all paid assignments on all levels / half day and full day shoots. We do work with nudity but it is not a requirement, so let us know what your are comfortable with and lets go from there.
Some travel expense paid depending on distance.

We have great references and can provide samples of work provided upon request.

Having some one with you at a shoot is always welcome, we are never opposed to anyone who wants to bring along somebody if they feel safer, but I promise we will only kill you in pretend!


KHP's "Cancer Kills"
GENRE: Belly Stabbing STARS: Carmen & Kamryn RUNTIME: 10:01
A dying husband, a sexy unfaithful wife and a seven inch blade are the main ingredients for this classic revenge killing. However, it also has a twist that is likely to appeal to many snuff fantasy fans. Summing up the technical’s, KHP's special effects are excellent, as ever.
9.7 stilettos out of a possible 10

KHP's "The Redneck, Vic#4"
GENRE: Stabbing - Nails & Knife STAR: Carmen RUNTIME: 8:11
Our old pal the Redneck is back for more homespun fun. We like him because he's a simple guy with simple tastes. Just give him a hammer, three nails and a knife, and the Redneck is a happy man. …Oh, did I forget to mention that the nails are a foot long, the knife is a honking-big bear-killer of a Bowie knife and they all are meant to be used on the soft belly of a beautiful girl? (Imagine me forgetting something like that!)
This time snuff starlet Carmen is the Redneck's bound and helpless victim. She's so dern purdy you know he's gonna take his time killing her, and although it's a silly question, the terrified girl asks, "What are you going to do to me?" Honest man that he is, the Redneck answers, "I'm gonna pound some nails inta yer." And we're off!
Summing up: Carmen turns in the kind of outstanding performance that makes it easy to become one of her fans. KHP's special effects are believable as always.
If you have a taste for southern-fried, backwoods horror with a touch of humor, you'll love this video.
8.9 railroad spikes out of 10

KHP's "The Snuff Film"
GENRE: Shooting STAR: Nicole RUNTIME: 5:48
Snuff video plots rarely have much effect on my enjoyment. For me the action has always been the thing. This one is an exception where a simple plot significantly enhances the video's erotic impact. It stars the exceptional Nicole, and it comes from KHP's 2007 treasure chest.
Nicole is hot, sexy and convincing in this dual role. KHP's special effects are flawless, even when viewed in ultra slow motion using the GOM player. I see this excellent video with male eyes, but I believe it also has a lot to offer female snuff fans.

KHP's "Nail Gun Massacre"
GENRE: Shooting - nail gun STARS: Carmen & Kamryn RUNTIME: 5:28
The "This Old House" episode you missed. A mini production - miniskirts, mini plot, mini runtime, mini price ($8.00) A lot of fun.
If you have ever looked at a nail gun and wondered what if, wonder no more.
The FX are seamless, which is what we have come to expect from KHP and The girls reactions to being shot are completely believable, which is what we have come to expect from Carmen and Kamryn.This one definitely gives you your money's worth!
8.5 wire brads out of a possible 10

KHP's "Gold Digger Killer 2"
GENRE: Belly Stabbing & Shooting STAR: Carmen RUNTIME: 9:21
One of the things I like about KHP productions is the no-nonsense setups that adequately establish the premise, yet waste little time in getting to the meat of the action; and "Gold Digger Killer 2" is no exception in this regard. It takes only three minutes and change to get to the kill scene - and what a kill scene it is! At the first plunge of the knife you know this one is gonna be a winner. Summing up the technical aspects, the lighting and audio effects are great and the FX are first class. Most importantly the camera angles are well chosen, and remain steadily locked on the action.
9.8 daggers out of a possible 10

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