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**If i have commented on your profile/image, there's a pretty good chance i have interest in a collaboration. Feel free to say hello, regardless.**

Our similarities and differences as human beings truly fascinate me. Where I am quite impressed by the many talents of trained models, I am also very interested in photographing people during their most honest moments. It is a positive exercise not just in capturing an image, but in learning more about humans.

I prefer to work in trade and would like to find like-minded collaborators. This is a creative outlet for me and I am not profiting from my photos.

Very laid back, one-day-at-a-time type of person. I pride myself on respecting others and their comfort.

My other experiences in photography include 6+ years as a model and 4+ years as a set builder/props grip.

Eating in diners, being from NJ, working hard, playing my drums, listening to /m/ METAL /m/, and learning are all awesome. I have a BA (with honors) in Meteorology/Computer Cartography from UMass-Amherst (2000). My places of residence have included NJ, MA, MD, DC, and NY. I have visited or played music in 43 of the 50 states. At the end of the day, I like to pour myself a cold beer.


Models I have had the pleasure of photographing:

MM-Gracie Hagen

MM-Candace Nirvana

MM-Steven Jon

MM-Max R Karson

MM-Nick G

MM-Moon Marie

MM-MK Abigail (xxx)

MM-Raquel Rayne

MM-Jen Catalano


MM-Melissa Lita

MM-Elena Siddal

MM-Cat RoPo


MM-Not A Model (x-countless times)


MM-EncreMoi (xxxx)


MM-Erica Anarchy (xx)

MM-Eli Hollow (xxxx)

MM-Katia Dero (xx)

MM-Jazmine Laz (xx)

MM-Sweet Deanna (xxx)

MM-Miss Juliette

MM-Indefinite Anomaly (Wara)(xx)

MM-keeks23 (xx)

MM-Lily Wright

Lunus Sapphire

JM (see portfolio)

HC (see portfolio)

(xx) = number of collaborations