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Hello, my name is Jonathan. I have been doing landscape and wildlife photography for the last 15 years. I have in the last couple of years become very interested in portrait photography. I believe i have created some good portraits with the models i have worked with which i have been able to share on deviantart with my other art. I have reached a point where i am struggling to find new models to work with to gain more experience and produce more art. I think i could work well with models with little or no experience to gain both ways but if i have the chance to work with a more experienced model this would be a great opportunity also. I have many artistic ideas to share and think i could help many people here.

I live with my wife and my two children in a beautiful countryside location near Hollingworth Lake in littleborough, Lancashire. my wife supports me greatly with my passion for photography and loves to help out with props, artistic ideas and being around to help my models feel more secure and comfortable if they require this ( as i understand totally what a any model must feel like going to a location with someone you don’t know and are not sure if you can trust).

In my house i have set up a studio in a large spare room that i have for portraits with screens, studio lighting and plenty of props. although i like to use my studio, I would like to do some outdoor location shoots as i live so close to the countryside with so many forests, rivers, streams and rock formations.

I am very serious about photography and i thank you for taking the time to read this.