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ROB SLOCUM makes his debut as a principal character in the forthcoming thriller, CO2, due out in 2010. But he’s no stranger to acting.

Nor is he a stranger to hard work. Like many before him, Slocum, a Massachusetts native, wasn’t born to the theater and didn’t train at the better-known schools. What he did do was establish a busy general contracting corporation in the construction industry (including operating heavy machinery, designing security and surveillance systems, developing a working knowledge of lethal weapons, and earning a license to carry), with side trips into sales training, event planning, and fundraising, and all of it seasoned with a natural instinct for entertaining. Does it all relate to acting? You bet. Sales training, Slocum says, teaches you to be persuasive and believable – among the silver keys to good acting. And having a track record in industries other than acting allows for the development of patience, determination, good interpersonal relations, direction-taking, and respect (solid gold on a tension-filled movie set).

With plenty of work experience and a not-so-secret passion for the movies (he had had a background role in Warner Brothers’ 1991 film The Perfect Storm), Slocum decided to follow a dream and see whether his comedic streak, native Boston accent (along with mastery of other dialects), and skills as a singer and musician (he composes, produced a CD with his band , and played in Boston area clubs) might be the start of a second career. They were. The six-foot-two actor, who had landed a gig in a New England Patriots TV spot, was chosen to work on the set of The Zoo Keeper (MGM), and The Fighter (Paramount Pictures), slated for release respectively in 2010 and 2011.
So does he have the acting bug? Ohhhhhh yeah ….. and he’s thrilled to be working with Wild Beagle Productions and Zone 5 Pictures on CO2. (He asserts that the film will produce new break-out stars, both in front of and behind the camera.)
Look for this up-and-comer on your nearest movie screen.