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Please make a purchase at My Couzin's Closet to help raise funds for aid in Haiti. Go to http://www.mycouzinscloset.com, or http://www.mccclothing.com and click on News Flash, or Save Haiti for details. Stay tuned for more efforts towards rasising funds for Haiti.

We are an up and coming clothing line from Miami. Our motto is "It's all about being a family," and our goal is to create a seller/consumer relationship that makes our customers feel like they're dressing out of their cousin's or family/friend's closet. Remember those nights when you just can't seem to find anything to wear and you have a sibling, cousin, or friend that has the perfect outfit in their closet? Well we invite you to check out our closet as we build our inventory. Check out our website at http://www.mycouzinscloset.com and click the about us link for more info. Then visit us here and at our online store for updates on shows, sales, prizes, and new items to our inventory.


Amazing Fashion Designers: Bithja Laurent and Sasha Barriero.
Event Manager: Alex Emmanuel AKA SirAL
Web Designer: Joas Laurent
Make Up: Fallen Herrard


21 Dec 10 17:02
Nice designs!
08 Jan 10 12:03
thanx for the friend request -iamangel www.twitter.com/flawl3ssb3autii www.myspace.com/flawl3ssb3autii www.modelmayhem.com/678925
19 Nov 09 15:42
nice port so far and designs :)
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