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Good day all. I am here in South Texas just admiring the work & ideas that are put up on this site. I love the way photography captures the moment. It can be enjoyed & shared from then on as often as we wish to relive that moment. I am by no way as gifted as those on this site, but I love to photograph. It does not matter if it is Nature, people, action shots, ect.. Thank you for this great site. I would love to share ideas with some of these talented individuals & maybe one day be as proficient as some of them. A work in progress - always.


06 Feb 14 14:19
Cool port... Best of luck :)
16 Feb 12 01:39
Thanks!Glad you like my pics,.
26 Jan 12 15:21
Thank you for the picture comments new friend!(:
20 Dec 11 11:15
05 Nov 11 11:30
Thanks for the comment
02 Nov 11 19:54
Thanks so much for the comments and the email reply. You are so good to me! Maria
30 Sep 11 15:33
Thank you for the compliment! ;0)
15 Aug 11 17:56
Thanks so much for the friend's request, hope to work with you in the future.
12 Aug 11 10:02
Hey, if you ever get this way look me up, I've got 2 - 3 shoots every week.
27 Jul 11 11:29
Great portfolio and thank you for the comment
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