Art by Bob Williams - Sitting in the Garden
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About Me

I am an experienced professional photographer and am not opposed to paying models to do shoots. If you have something to offer, contact me and propose a shoot. If I like your idea, I will pay you for doing a shoot. However, I am also not opposed to charging models to do shoots. If I see you are building your portfolio, I may contact you and propose a TFP or charge you for the shoot.

I am an easy going person and I really enjoy interacting with people to make art. If we make an appointment to do a shoot, I take the assignment seriously and I would ask my models to do the same. Some models cancel their shoot, and I understand that stuff happens. I get really bugged when a model just doesn't show up and makes no attempt to contact me to cancel the shoot. It is not professional, it is rude, and it shows very little respect for me and my time.

Since 2010, I have been a member of ArtExposure in Hampstead, NC. In 2012, I opened a studio in ArtExposure and shoot against a green screen. After the shoot, I use landscape photos that I have taken to add a backdrop to the session. Here is a picture of a portion of my studio depicting the green screen.



Elizabeth - Model - Not on MM
Britany - Model - Not on MM
Danielle - Model - Not on MM
Jb Sheppard - Model - MM#2514196
Jill Elise - Model - MM#1714470
Mariana Vergara - Model - MM#2559267
Peeps55 - Model - MM#2595254
Nicolette Marie - Model - MM#2364439
Alustrious - Model - Not on MM
Raven Zhang - Model - MM#2595319